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The NETGEAR SC is a simple non-RAID NAS device designed to add inexpensive storage capacity to your network. It supports up to 2 IDE drives. How do I register a product on the MyNETGEAR Portal? Is my NETGEAR product compatible with Microsoft Windows 7? How do I recognize an official. Netgear's SC brings NAS down to a record breaking low price point.

NETGEAR SC101 NAS Windows 8 X64

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Setting up the Netgear SC Storage Central is easy, though it might be a bit daunting for anyone who doesn't like to open up electronics devices.

NETGEAR SC101 NAS Driver for Windows 7

The first step is to install NETGEAR SC101 NAS hard drive into each of the SC's two bays; you'll need two if you want RAID mirroring data stored simultaneously to two drives for redundancybut you can use just one as well. The front panel NETGEAR SC101 NAS the SC has a low-profile latch that is opened with a quarter, sort of like a ceramic piggy bank. Open the latch, remove the front panel, and slide the ATA drives in sideways.

You must jumper the drives as NETGEAR SC101 NAS Select CSattach the power connectors and the short IDE ribbon cables, then latch the unit back up. If you need help, the SC ships with an excellent setup sheet and user guide.

After you NETGEAR SC101 NAS the power cord and run an Ethernet cable to your routeryou'll need to install the Storage Central Management Utility software from NETGEAR SC101 NAS included CD on each computer you wish to have access to the SC The Netgear SC isn't accessed via an IP address like many NAS boxes, but the software is easy to use and guides you nicely through the drive configuration process.

However, less technically inclined readers should go over the manual first, and everyone should have a plan for how to divvy up the storage space. The SC allows you to divide the storage space, as NETGEAR SC101 NAS as share it among individual users.

For example, you can assign part of the SC's total storage capacity to your upstairs computer for private use, assign another part to NETGEAR SC101 NAS computer in the home office, then share part of it across all of the machines in the house for multimedia use, file transfer, and so on. The reason for this is that the appliance assigns an IP address to each partition making it appear to the network as a new hard disk.

These partitions are assigned NETGEAR SC101 NAS unique LBA logical block address range — as used by real hard disks to determine the physical location that data is either read from or written to.

The appliance listens to the network traffic and picks up any packets with a destination IP address that matches a partition. The packet contains the data payload along with an LBA range, which tells it where that payload should be placed in that partition. All the client system requires is a SCSI miniport driver, NETGEAR SC101 NAS filter driver which converts file system commands into IP traffic and the Manager utility that NETGEAR SC101 NAS it to locate appliances and attach partitions.

Each partition can be shared by any number of users and appears to each PC as a local hard disk. NETGEAR SC101 NAS can be restricted to the user that created the partition and shared partitions can be password protected.

NETGEAR SC101 NAS Drivers for Windows 10

If the drive has available space then you can increase the capacity of a partition at will and without affecting resident data. In fact, you can add another appliance to the network and NETGEAR SC101 NAS its hard disks to increase the size of a partition.

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